УKosaya Gora Iron WorksФ Ч more than a century in the industry

JSC УKosaya Gora Iron WorksФ (KGIW) was founded in 1897 and today is one of the largest companies in the steel industry in Tula region Ч a region with developed infrastructure, high scientific, technical, industrial and resource potential.

JSC "KGIW" has a strong position among the leading Russian manufacturers of high-purity pig iron, ferromanganese, industrial and artistic molding. The Company has successfully mastered the production of slag rubble and bricks. Production of the plant is widely used in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and construction.

JSC "KGIW" sells its products in domestic and foreign markets (exports). The geography of supply includes regions of Russia, CIS and foreign markets Ч Europe, Middle East and Asia.

According to the results of 2019 total shipments of JSC "KGIW" were as follows:

  • cast iron Ч 220,5 thousand tons
  • ferromanganese Ч 87,6 thousand tons
  • slag rubble Ч 78,8 thousand tons

Average number of employees of JSC "KGIW" in 2019 was 1 783 people. Average wages of employees of JSC "KGIW" in 2019 equaled 39 943 rubles.

JSC "KGIWФ pursues active social policies. At company level, it improves working conditions of staff, which includes:

  • guaranteed and full social package,
  • providing of opportunities for development of working skills directly at the working place,
  • a complex of measures for the protection of labor,
  • assisting in organizing of cultural and sports events.

In the hierarchy of corporate events the professional holiday Ч the Day of the Metallurgist, which is held each year Ч takes special place. The logo and flag of the Company are also important elements of the corporate culture of JSC "KGIWФ.

Creating favorable conditions for the development of physical education, healthy lifestyle and, consequently, for the increase of employment potential, is one of the important policies of JSC "KGIWФ. On a regular basis the Company provides sponsorship assistance for the junior sports school "Arsenal", sponsoring sports events. Combined teams of JSC "KGIWФ regularly take part in traditional sports activities of Tula and Tula region: skiing competitions, championships in football and mini-soccer.

Charity is also an integral part of social policy of JSC "KGIWФ. Since 2006 the Company provides sponsorship assistance to Pyatnitskaya boarding school, where children left without parental care live and learn. Targeted financial assistance and material support are provided to health institutions, schools, needy families, veterans of the plant and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.