Recycling of secondary materials

Fiery molten slag comes by rail in slag-carrying ladles with capacity of 16 m3 or 11 m3. The discharge of the liquid slag is carried out first at a working face, while at the other one the already cooled slag is being developed. Then the function of faces change.

Development of the slag dump is carried out by the Office of secondary materials’ processing. A crushing-and-sorting complex with the production capacity of 100 m3/h is installed for the development of the slag dump. It is serviced by vehicles (excavators, dump trucks, forklifts). Slag is developed and is loaded into trucks with the help of excavator, and then it is transported to the storage area.

Products received while the development of the slag dump are dump slag (0—300 mm), slag stone of various fractions (5-20 mm, 20-40 mm, 40-70 mm) and slag sand (0—5 mm).

Each batch of slag stone and sand is accompanied by a certificate of quality.

Dump slag is sold directly on the needs of the road construction, or goes to the crushing and sieving to produce marketable products according to State Standards.

Slag stone and sand are used in the road construction and in the manufacturing of building materials.