Foundry of JSC “KGIW” is a modern department with capacity of 7 thousand tons of castings per year (1000 tons of steel castings per year, 6000 tons of iron castings per year).

Foundry produces castings of a wide range, which are used in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery, machine tools, construction of tunnels and subways, in the energy, oil and gas industries, for steel and sheet metal industries, for construction industry and others.

Also the shop produces large assortment of decorative and landscape casting, which is widely represented both in Russia and abroad.

Casting technology:

— in the sand-clay molds
— in the forms on alpha-set process
— critical parts are cast with the use as a coating mixture of the cold-hardening blends based on chromite sand.

Capacity of the workshop:

  • cast iron — from 0,1 up to 12000 kg
  • steel — from 1 to 1800 kg

  • grey cast iron of grades СЧ10-СЧ30
  • carbon and low-alloy steel.