JSC “Kosaya Gora Iron Works” is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of blast furnace and foundry products, non-basic and secondary materials, heat and electricity.

Blast-furnace shop incorporates three blast furnaces, one specializing on ferromanganese smelting and two others producing pig iron, characterized by exceptional purity with minimal content of harmful impurities.

Due to relatively small volumes of furnaces combined with efficient technology Kosaya Gora Iron Works can quickly reconfigure them to smelt out the required grades of cast iron: from the traditional foundry to ultra-pure semi-nodular and nodular.

Implementation of advanced technology, an accurate timetable for scheduled repairs combined with the continuous modernization and automation of basic equipment make blast-furnace shop a source of stable prosperity of the plant for years to come.

Foundry of JSC “KGIW” is famous for its industrial and artistic castings out of gray and high-strength cast iron. In the nearest plans of the Company lies modernization of manufacturing processes, aimed at achieving of a qualitatively new level of production.